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Hip and Waist Cover Wrap

Many women have insecurities about their midsection. In the winter they can hide their hips and waist with long and bulky shirts, but when the warm weather, when the layers come off, many women head toward the gym and outdoor activities to shed that middle fat. BootyWrap is a unique and trendy hip cover that hides your waistline, and covers your hips without the bulk of a regular wrap, shirt or sweatshirt. No more having to wear baggy clothing at the gym or in the summer time to cover your waist. This functional waist wrap keeps your hips covered and has a sleek design that doesn't add bulk to your outfit. BootyWrap has deep, flat pockets that allow a hands free solution to carrying a bag or wallet to the gym or out running errands. Hips, waist and personal items concealed at all times while fashion, style and slimming figure are revealed! Available in four colors offering total coverage for hips and waist.