This ain’t
your mama’s
fanny pack…

What is the Bootywrap?

Is that a phone in your hand on a power walk? Cash stuffed in your sock? Or our fave…Lip gloss in your bra? If this sounds familiar, we're gonna stop you in your tracks with the ingenious BootyWrap (if we do say so ourselves).

A BootyWrap may look like a sweatshirt but it’s not!

A BootyWrap is simply a FLAT, slimming wrap with sleeves and two zippered pockets for your essentials. Just tie the smart sleeves around your waist and voila -- you’re hands-free and will cover your bum! Perfect for walks, hikes, errands and so much more!


Power walks • Hikes • Dog walking • Charity Walks • Pickleball • Travel • Beach Strolls • Errands • Theme parks • Sporting Events • Playground • Pushing Strollers … and more!


"Throw it on for a trip to the gym or park. It's like a fanny pack, but cuter!

Oprah Magazine